Monday, December 08, 2008

The More, The Merrier

Dinner Crew
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A few weeks ago, Shaun and I were talking, and we thought about how much fun it was last time I made dinner. We decided to do it again, and after a few setbacks, it ended up being last night. I was planning on hosting five or six, but word got out and I had a house full of ten people. I made a pot of chili (which was gone within minutes) and a cheesecake (which Cheyenne described as "decadent"). After dinner, we hung out and watched "Half-Baked," a movie everyone was surprised I owned because, apparently, it's just not "a Curtis type of movie." Regardless, thanks to Martina, Rachel, Cheyenne, Shaun, Alec, Jason, Ryan, Nate, Tall Nate, and RJ for making my Sunday evening extra fun.

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