Monday, December 22, 2008

If you don't vote for me, then the terrorists win.

There's an organisation within our squadron called the Booster Club. The main purpose of the Booster Club is to raise money throughout the year for the Christmas Party. They also handle squadron recreational activities, sports days, volunteer opportunities, and various fund raisers (breakfast burrito sales, etc.). The Booster Club is headed up by officers which are elected every six months. My friend Jo is the out-going president, and has been encouraging me to run for something. Plus, our superintendent has been trying to get someone in our shop on the council, as well. After much prodding, I finally agreed to be nominated for Vice President. I figured I'm:
a) smarter than Palin, but unable to see Russia from my house.
b) nicer than Cheney, but not guaranteed to shoot you in the face.
c) a better speller than Quayle, but sorely lacking Gore's Oscar.
Elections were last week, and today, I found out I won. My competition doesn't have the greatest reputation in the squadron, so I'm not really sure if people were voting for me or against him. Regardless, I'm going to have some added responsibilities over the next six months, which will probably result in increased bourbon consumption. Just a warning.

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Paul Dinkins said...

congratulations and a merry christmas to you!