Sunday, September 30, 2007

Winners and Not Winners

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Last night, Caleb and Tanya hosted a game night, which is almost becoming a Saturday night tradition. It's nice to have a mellow night to toss back a couple beers with cool people and have some good, clean, fun. We started with a giant game of Taboo.

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After that, we segregated ourselves as the guys went to play poker, and the girls played Settlers of Catan. Actually, that's not entirely true. I stuck with the females because I love that damn Settlers game so much. And I stink at poker.

Eric & Brad
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Caleb & Chase
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I hadn't seen Chase or Eric in a long time, and it was nice to catch up. Thanks to Caleb and Tanya for opening up their house yet again. I'm glad there are other people who enjoy geek fun as much as I do.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here's to Good Friends

Me & Kate
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Last night, Drew and Becky had a party at their house in Tooele. There was no particular reason for the party, but that didn't stop everyone and their sister from showing up.

Kristen, Alisha, & John
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There was drinking...

Me, Kristen, Alisha, & Jen
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...and dancing...

Becky & Tina
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...and Guitar Hero...

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...and Quarters, which I hadn't played in years (and it showed)...

Andy & Tina
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...and several very cool people I'd never met before.

Alisha & Kristen
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Unfortunately, there was no making out after this picture was taken.

Drew, Kyle, & Tobey
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As the host, Drew was worried that people wouldn't have fun, but he can rest assured knowing it was the most lively, festive party I've attended in quite a while.

John, Floyd, Kate, & Mikey
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Nick & Paul
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Thanks to Nick for driving us all the way home while my drunk ass fell asleep in the passenger seat.

Kate & Me
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I posted just a few highlights, so if you want to see the entire photostream, you can go here. Extra special thanks to Drew and Becky for hosting yet another great party. It's quite a hike to Tooele, but you guys make it totally worthwhile.

Time of the Season

Yesterday: 78 degrees and sunny.
Today: It's SNOWING!

This is God's way of giving me permission to lay in bed all day and watch movies.

Down By The Water

One of my responsibilities at work is to take care of the base swimming pools, of which there are three. Two of these are outdoor pools and only open during the summer. One of the outdoor pools is in need of serious repair, so much so that we wonder why they even open it every year. Regardless, we just do what we're told.
Also, at the end of the summer, they use this particular shoddy pool for other activities. The first one is a dog swim, where base residents can bring their favourite canines for a dip in the water. The second is a children's fishing day. They stock the pool with about a hundred fish and let the kids come and fish them out.

Base Pond
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After all is said and done, there's a lot of dog hair and several uncaught fish still in the pool. That's where Johnny and I come in. Wednesday, we spent all morning catching fish and transporting them to the base pond. Johnny wanted to use bait and hooks and stuff, but I didn't want to hurt the fish, so I insisted we use nets. There were about fifty fish swimming around, and it took a while, but we eventually set them all free. It made me feel really good inside.

Base Pool
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Then we finished draining the pools, and now all that's left is this.

Base Pool
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Base Pool
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There's something sad about an empty pool, like the end of innocence or growing older. I tried to explain this to Johnny, but he told me I was acting all goth, so I just let it go.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Disco Infiltrator in the Neighborhood

Last night, Brian, John, Jeff, Trevan, Pete, and I went down to Thanksgiving Point for what was one of the most eclectic, exciting, and impressive shows I've seen this year. It was an outdoor show, and the crisp fall air really set the mood for a super fun evening.

LCD Soundsystem
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We arrived just as LCD Soundsystem took the stage. James Murphy is the mastermind behind this dance-punk outfit, and his fantastic beats really stirred the crowd. Both of his albums are amazing, but hearing these disco anthems in a live (and extra loud) setting rendered me unable to keep my feet still. Watching the sun set as the disco ball twirled really set off each unique and infectious groove. I didn't want it to end.

But, alas, it did.
Then Arcade Fire came out. I wasn't really looking forward to Arcade Fire. In my mind, they were just another derivative, pretentious indie rock band, and I couldn't care less. Boy, was I wrong.

Arcade Fire
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When all ten(!) members took the stage and began with "Black Mirror" from this year's "Neon Bible," I immediately took notice. Their entire set evolved into one of individuality and passion. Equally impressive was how several of the immensely talented performers changed instruments over the course of the evening. One would go from violin to drums or guitar to keyboard or french horn to clarinet. Based on word of mouth, I picked up "Funeral," their first album, a couple years ago. But based on this show, I'll definitely be picking up everything else.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Naked Lunch

For the past few weeks, I've been bringing my lunch to work. It started out as a way to save money, but now, I prefer eating something I made myself and relaxing in the break room. Plus, there's a lot less stress without having to drive somewhere, get food, eat, and worry about making it back to the shop in time. Last night, I even stayed up late making some pasta and storing it in the refrigerator so I could brown bag it today. I am SO blue collar.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stating the Obvious

Today at work...
Johnny: Man, I LOVE vagina.
Me: The hell, you say!

Don't Wait Up For Me

Back in 1997, I had just moved to Vegas and was reading an article about an all-female punk band. They were 17 years old, played three-chord anthems, and all had the same name (a la The Ramones). I bought their self-titled debut, and immediately fell in love with The Donnas.
After waiting ten years to see them, they finally came through SLC last night, playing at The Avalon Theatre. I'd never been there before, but it was bursting with old-school coolness. The first opener was American Bang who played a blend of southern blues and garage rock. They were decent, but went downhill when they kept mentioning their song being featured in a Verizon commercial.
The second opener was Donita Sparks over whom I was very excited because she was a member of L7, an all-girl grunge band in the 90s. Her band was The Stellar Moments, which included Dee Plakas (also from L7) on the drums. I was hoping they'd play some L7 classics, but they stuck to their original material. But after a few songs, I didn't care. Donita was a great performer with tons of energy, and the songs were fun and upbeat without getting too poppy.

The Donnas
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I was thrilled when the Donnas finally came out and launched into "Bitchin'," the title track off their new album. At first, I kept my eye on Torry (Donna C), the drummer, on whom I've always had a little crush. She pounds the drums with such ferocity, and makes it look like so much fun. But after a few songs, I began to notice Allison (Donna R), the guitarist. That girl could seriously wail, and almost put Angus Young (of AC/DC) to shame. And the way her hair flew all over made me a little weak in the knees.
Their two hour set consisted of songs off all seven of their albums. It's great to see how they've evolved from a garage-punk band to a full-fledged rock-n-roll outfit. Whenever they play a song, you can almost tell what album it's from, just by how it sounds. But the attitude is still the same, especially in songs like "Huff All Night," "Skintight," and "40 Boys in 40 Nights." The crowd was very diverse, jumping and clapping to every song. At the end of the night, they returned for a two-song encore. The first was a balls-on cover of RATT's 1984 hit, "Round and Round." But before their final song, singer Brett (Donna A) thanked us all for coming and said, "This is our last song, and I'm going to dedicate it to........YOU!" And she pointed RIGHT. AT. ME!!! I was elated and started jumping and screaming and making the rock-n-roll sign as the Donnas sang "Take It Off," one of my favourites.
The show was so much fun, and I could tell the band was having fun, which made it even more fun for me. And I totally rocked out in my truck all the way home. I can't wait to see these girls again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Toby & Ryan
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Since football season began, I've been going out to Drew and Becky's place in Tooele to watch the games. But it seems we do a lot more drinking and playing Settlers of Catan than actually watching football. Also, some napping goes on. But it's mostly drinking. Sometimes I wonder how Becky puts up with all of us.

At Last!

Snow on the mountains! We had a cold spell come through this weekend, accompanied by rain. And this morning, I saw that beautiful white powder on the Wasatch Mountains for the last first time. It probably won't last long, but it's definitely foreshadowing of great things to come.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cult of Technology

Back in the late 90s, when cellular phones were becoming less expensive and more a part of society, I refused to get one. I thought they were unnecessary and rude. When I went to Japan, I justified getting one because a) it was cheaper than getting a phone in my house, and b) I didn't want to be lost in the middle of nowhere and unable to read the road signs. Now I'm back in the States, and I couldn't live without one. I was halfway to the gym this morning and realised I'd left it on my bed. I considered turning around to get it. What if someone important called? What if there was an accident and had to call the police? What if I got a funny text message from someone and I wasn't there to read it? I kept my sanity and resisted the urge to go back home. But it's ridiculous how reliant upon my phone I am. Without it, I wouldn't know anyone's phone number or be able to send silly pictures to friends or play sudoku whenever I want. I mean, how did the cavemen survive?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Incognito

Nick, Alisha, & Me
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Earlier this week, Nick asked me to come to a barbecue at his house Friday night. So I did. Little did I, or anyone else there, know it was his birthday. He's sneaky like that.

Becky & Me
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Nick is a pretty outdoor-adverture-ish type of guy, so most of the people there were friends he'd met hiking or canoeing or spelunking or something like that. They were all really cool, but it was also nice to see Drew and Becky, too.

Me & Drew
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Becky & Alisha
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It was a nice, fun, mellow night with just the right amount of alcohol. Plus some dancing with Becky and Alisha. Plus lots and lots of brownies.

One Hand Clapping

Questions I asked this week that might as well have been rhetorical:

Where the hell are we going?
Will you guys take care of this on your shift?
Can I help?
How did you get stuck in there?
What is this shit all over the kitchen floor?

Questions I asked this week that really were rhetorical, but not treated as such:

Why am I even here?
Are you kidding me?
Do I look like I'm twelve?
What's his problem?
Have you been drinking?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Under Your Charms

Josh Rouse
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A couple months ago, I was surfing around iTunes, and happened upon a compilation called "Penny Candy." I hadn't heard of any of the artists, but it was only four bucks for sixteen songs. The little snippets I heard were pretty good, so I splurged. And I'm glad I did.
One of the songs was called "Hollywood Bass Player" by a guy named Josh Rouse. So taken was I with this song that I ended up buying the entire album from which it came, "Country Mouse, City House." This snowballed into buying his 2005 album "Nashville" and 2003's "1972." I tend to get addicted like that.
Josh came through SLC last night, playing at the Urban Lounge. His set didn't begin until 11 PM, and it wasn't very crowded, but it somehow made the show more enjoyable. His light, folky, alt-country tunes are unbelievably catchy, and he seemed so relaxed on stage. There's nothing particularly new or unorthodox about his voice or style or melodies, but there's something about the way it all comes together to create something really remarkable. Plus, it was nice to see a show where we weren't packed like sardines and everyone just grooved to the music all mellow-like. How pleasant.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Words So Leisured

I guess the kids nowadays are getting into the video blogging (vlogging?). My friend Jay checks in with a video blogger on YouTube, and asked if I'd ever considered doing the same. Though it has crossed my mind, I really don't think it would suit me very well. For starters, the camera adds ten pounds and probably a few hundred wrinkles. This would result in me doing about a million takes before I got a shot considered worthy of posting on the internet. The lighting and angle would have to be just so, and in every third or fourth take, I would make a funny face or cross my eyes and I'd have to start all over from the beginning. I just don't have that amount of time to devote to a post concerning my opinion on Britney Spears' VMA performance (which was so bad that it ROCKED!). It's easier just to write things, and then change them around before I post. Plus, I like the thought process of putting down my thoughts and experiences into words. I sometimes spend a while searching for the correct words and phrasing to get my point across, but I still think it's better than the stuttering and awkward pauses found in a homemade video. And most importantly, reading is just better than watching. It's sad that only 50% of adults have read a book in the past six months. I know the wax isn't exactly Tolstoy, but I do my best. I enjoy writing, and people tell me they enjoy reading; so onward I go.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Helping Hand

Johnny has been putting vinyl fencing around his house, and I've been going over on occasion to help. As I've mentioned, I love helping friends with projects, and this one is no different. I also got to have dinner with him and Sara, who totally cracks me up. I'm so lucky to have a co-worker who is also a friend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Union of the Snake

Sir Hiss
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Thursday morning, I was checking the wells on base by myself because Johnny took leave to go hunting. I walked into one of the well houses and began some minor maintenance. I heard this strange hissing noise, and turned around to see this right in front of the door. I don't know how I didn't see it, but I somehow must have stepped over it. It was only maybe two feet long, but he kept striking at me. I backed away and he slithered off to the side, but not before I got a picture with my phone. His tail was shaking, but it didn't rattle. From the shape of its head, it's something poisonous, but nobody really could tell me. Even the girls over in entymology were baffled. Any ideas?

Hunting and Gathering

I don't make grocery lists, so I have the tendency to stock up on things I don't need. For instance, I have two bottles of mustard in my pantry right now because every time I go to the store, I think, "Do I have mustard? I'm not sure, so I'd better get some." Same with deoderant and shaving foam. Consequently, this works both ways. Yesterday, I ran out of toothpaste. I squeezed every last bit out of the tube last night, so this morning, I had to go without. I went and picked up three tubes after work today, and by next month, I'll probably have five stashed beneath my bathroom sink.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trading Wheat For Wood

Caleb & Tanya
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Last night, Caleb and Tanya had a Settlers of Catan party. But beforehand, I went over to see Josh and Sarah's new house and help them move a few things. It's a great house built in the 1920s and recently renovated. It has a big front porch and exposed brick in the kitchen. I'm very happy for them.
As for Settlers, I didn't do so well, but I sure had fun. Usually, Tanya is the one who kicks butt, but this time, Caleb won. Seriously, this game is like heroin.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Carnival Kids

There are lots of reasons to attend the Utah State Fair. For John, it was the animals. For Nick, it was for people-watching. For me, it was the food. So last night, Kevin, Nick, John, Ryan, Brian, Ryan, and I headed to the fairgrounds to check it all out. I guess it was everything one would expect: rides, carnival games, various booths and markets, farm animals, and more mullets than you could shake a stick at. One highlight(?) was the Turkey Stampede. It was basically a bunch of turkeys chasing a radio-controlled pickup truck full of food around a little race track. It was every bit as classy as it sounds.
As for the food, most of it involved some sort of meat on a stick. I opted for the deep-fried Coca-Cola. It was basically Coke-infused funnel cake with whipped cream and a cherry. It was good, but acted as my sugar intake for the next month. Unfortunately (and uncharacteristically), I forgot my camera...which would have been really helpful when we went through the "Hall of Wonders" featuring a six-legged cow, a two-headed turtle, and "Tyrone," the world's largest rat. Ya gotta love carnies.

Let Down and Hangin' Around

I really failed someone this morning. He didn't perform well, and I feel it's largely my fault. I haven't done all I could to help him the way I should. He needs a proper mentor and motivator, and I haven't done that for him. It won't happen again.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Worst. News. Ever.

A few weeks ago, The Cure cancelled their fall tour to finish their upcoming album. I was disappointed.
Then yesterday, I got word The White Stripes cancelled their tour, as well. I'm devestated.
I've been wanting to see Meg and Jack for a very long time, and was looking forward to their first venture to Utah later this month. This was to be the pinnacle of my whole autumn concert season. But Meg's health is at stake, and I understand why they cancelled. I'm not happy, but I understand.

March Into the Sea

The last time Modest Mouse came to Utah, I was in Alabama for Brad's wedding. (I hope he realises what I sacrificed to be his best man.) So there was no way I was going to miss it when they came through town Monday night. Several of my friends have seen them before and have told me stories of singer Isaac Brock being so drunk he can barely perform. Brian, John, and I went to the show, and even if Isaac had gone off on an incoherant tirade about his styrofoam boots or renting a car in Malaysia, I wouldn't have cared. It would be a good show either way.

Rilo Kiley
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The first opener was Matt Costa, who sounded good, but wasn't very original. The second opener was Rilo Kiley. I bought their 2004 album, "More Adventurous," a couple years ago, and enjoyed it, but it never really became a staple of my collection. I even pondered deleting them from my iPod, but seeing them live made me reconsider. And want to buy their newest album, "Under the Blacklight." They play light alt-pop with just a hint of classic country and folk. And if you listen closely, you can hear some Fleetwood Mac. Jenny Lewis has a very endearing voice, and the whole band blended very well.

Modest Mouse
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When Modest Mouse came out, the stage was decorated with dozens of lanterns, giving the appearance of an old fisherman's wharf, and complementing the nautical theme of their latest album, "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank." They opened with "Bury Me With It" from 2004's "Good News For People Who Love Bad News," and Isaac Brock was in full swing. His voice is somewhere between singing and yelping, but it's contagious and unique. And when it's combined with their extraordinary guitar arrangements, their whole sound is addictive. The band, which now includes former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, had great cohesion, and, despite a few technical sound issues, were sonically brilliant. Isaac stood at the far right end of the stage, but somehow, the ensemble relied on his every move. They concentrated on material from WWDBTSES, but threw in classics like "Float On" and a 14-minute version of "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes," which, toward the end, became almost Zepplin-esque. My personal favourites included "Dance Hall" and "Dashboard," though I would liked to have heard "Ocean Breathes Salty" and "Florida." Thankfully, they stuck with mostly upbeat stuff, and kept the crowd jumping around all evening. It was a superb show, and I'm glad I finally got to see them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Electile Dysfunction

Yesterday was the Primary Election for several seats in Utah public office, including Salt Lake City Council, District 4, for which Brian was running. He threw a party last night before the final results were posted to get us all good and drunk. That way, if he won, we'd be celebrating. If not, we'd be dulling the pain.
The polls closed at 8 PM, and tallies starting coming in around 8:45. The Primary was held in order to bring the number of candidates down to two. Unfortunately, Brian came in third out of six, which, in my opinion, is still pretty damn good for a first timer. I'd helped Brian walk door-to-door a couple times in his district, which was interesting and kinda fun. I hope he doesn't totally throw in the towel on a political career. That kid's got a bright future.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Owen Has a Sister!

Congratulations to Jim and Nicole on the birth of Matilda Mae Sullivan yesterday at 12:12 AM. She was 7 lbs. 15 oz., and 20 inches long. I can't wait to see her!


This morning, I wake up, read the news, take a shower, and go to work. It's business as usual, except for one thing. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking about all the lives affected on that horrible day six years ago. Seeing those images that morning changed my life forever. Though my heart has almost healed, my mind will never forget.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Concern Turns To Worry

I woke up unnecessarily early this morning, and I'm in a strange mood. I can't help thinking about a good friend of mine who's destroying his life. Whenever I talk to him, he's rarely sober; and his path of self-destruction shows no signs of slowing. What's even sadder is that he's a total genius and could have a happy, successful future if he can keep himself in check.
Thinking about all this makes me think about how several of my friends consume what is probably more than the socially acceptable amount of mind-altering substances. I wonder if this skews my view of normality. And not just alcohol or drugs, either. What about sex and violence and anything else other than what God would have me experience? Is what I consider rational what He considers rational?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Off The Hook

As I was driving home yesterday, my boss called me and asked if I knew I was supposed to be on stand-by this week. Stand-by is when someone in the shop has to carry around the shop cell phone for a week to respond to emergencies. I had no idea I was on stand-by this week, so I went back to the shop and picked up the phone.
But see, the thing is...I HATE stand-by. It's rare that we actually get emergency calls, but the idea of being on a leash doesn't appeal to me. So this morning, I went in to work with the intention of selling it to someone else. Mission: accomplished. I had to pay $60, but I guess that's the price I'll pay for a week of freedom.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Sunshine On My Shoulders - Mad Props #5

Mad Props to great weather. It was absolutely gorgeous today, and the ten-day forecast calls for clear skies with highs in the mid- to upper-70s. This is creation at its finest.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stroke of a Finger

After months of rumours, Apple released the new iPod Touch today, along with updates on current models. Will they never cease to amaze? My only complaint is that the largest capacity available for the Touch is only 16 GB, but I somehow doubt that will stop me from buying one. Maybe, just maybe this time I'll exhibit a little self control and wait until a larger one is available. We'll see...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Brotherly Love, Vegas Style

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For Labor Day, a big group of us went down to Vegas to relax, have fun, and just get away for a while. We left Friday morning and made it to Vegas late in the afternoon. In my truck was Nick, Ryan, and me. We stayed at Treasure Island. In the other vehicle was John, Ryan, Mikey, and Floyd. They stayed at New York New York. We were also joined by Jeff, Kirkland, Kevin, and Sean. Despite being a few blocks away from each other, we spent the greater part of the weekend together.

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After checking in, we all went to dinner at the Brew Pub in the Monte Carlo. Good food, and great beer! We had some pizza left over, which, for some reason, Ryan took back to their room at NYNY, where he stuffed it in a drawer. It was known for the rest of the weekend as the "drawer pizza."

The Strip from NYNY
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After dinner, we headed back to NYNY, and to a pub inside the casino called Nine Fine Irishmen.

Christina & Melissa
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My good friend Melissa and her sister Christina came and met us. I hadn't seen Melissa since March, and it was good to give her a big hug again.

Jeff, John, Kirkland, & Floyd
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Sean, Nick, & Kevin
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Nine Fine Irishmen
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They even had a great little band performing traditional Irish folk music. The little Asian lady in the middle was dancing around all night long. She was so amazing.

Treasure Island Pool
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On Saturday and Sunday, we spent the mornings at the pool and the afternoons shopping. It was definitely my idea of the perfect vacation. Plus, my room was 80 bucks a night less than they originally quoted. I took that as God's permission to buy a few things.

Saturday night, we all went to sushi and were joined by my friends Jim and Nicole, who I hadn't seen in over a year. Their son, Owen is getting so big, and Nicole is getting ready to have another baby any day now. I don't get to see them often, but it's great to hear their perspectives on different issues. I love how their minds work.
Sunday night, Ryan, Kevin, Nick, and I went to see Zumanity, the Cirque du Soleil show at the NYNY. The only other Cirque show I've seen is Mystere, which was spectacular. Zumanity is designed to be more erotic, and it was, but it lacked the acrobatics of Mystere. However, there was plenty of humour and it was definitely worth seeing.

Ryan, Nick, & Kevin
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After the show, I dragged everyone to the Crown & Anchor, my favourite bar in Vegas. It's off the Strip, so it took a little prompting to get everyone there. I think I played it up too much because it didn't seem like everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Regardless, I was just happy to be there.

Crown & Anchor
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Ryan was pretty tanked, and liked to demonstrate his lack of certain physical limits.

Crown & Anchor
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Everyone else left pretty early, but my friend Jason, with whom I used to work at Gap, showed up, and we stuck around until 3 AM catching up on old times.

Unfortunately, we had to leave Monday morning. It was a really fun and relaxing trip, and I'm hoping to make it down again before I leave for Italy. I posted the highlights, but if you want to see the entire photo stream, go here. There are probably a few pictures in there that deserve explanations, but I'll let everyone's minds wander and think the worst. It's more fun that way. Especially when the best quotes of the weekend were, "Nut sac licking for everyone!" and "Oragami--It's like scrapbooking, but Asian." I love my friends, God bless 'em.