Monday, December 15, 2008

If There Were A 13th Day Of Christmas, It Totally Would Have Been "13 Plumbers Plumbing"

I'm working mornings this week, which means I'll be working swings next week, which also includes stand-by. Yes, I'll be on stand-by for Christmas--something I totally volunteered to do. Most everyone in my shop is going home or has a family, and I know they don't want to do it. The only other single guys live in the dorm, and I figure it's bad enough living in the dorm even when you don't have to work on Christmas. So, since I'm all by myself, I just put myself on the schedule.
I'm borderline boycotting Christmas this year. I haven't put up any decorations or bought any presents, and the holiday music has been at a minimum. I'm not trying to be a Scrooge or anything, but I'm just not feeling it. It doesn't help that I'm kinda broke or that it's done nothing but rain for the past month. I'm going to muddle through the next two weeks, and when it comes time to celebrate New Years, I'll more than make up for it.

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Kelly Burns Johnson said...

you should read the book "Skipping Christmas" by john grisham. It might give you a different take on your christmas ambivalance. The movie "christmas with the kranks" is based on the book, but, as usual, the book is much better. It is also not typical johns grisham. It would be a great audiobook to download and put on your ipod. When I was younger, I worked at a hospital and I always volunteered to work on christmas. i was young and didn't have kids and i thought maybe the moms i worked with would like the day off. So, I get the volunteering to work on the holidays thing. Is there anyting you need from over here to make you feel better?