Sunday, December 07, 2008


Johnny is a big fan of college football. Saturday nights, when most people are out bar-hopping, he's at home watching the games. The first game kicks off around 6:30 PM, Italy time, and the last one ends around 5 AM Sunday morning. I've been hanging out over there on random Saturdays for the past few weeks. It's kinda nice to just relax and chat and toss back a couple beers.
Yesterday included lots of conference championship games, so Johnny put together a little pool with a $10 buy in. I'm not normally one for gambling, especially on sports--something about which I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever--but Johnny convinced me to at least give it a shot.
He called this afternoon to tell me I'd won 80 bucks. Each pick I made was purely a guess. Even funnier is the fact Johnny did all this research on the players and statistics and stuff, and came in next-to-last.

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Paul Dinkins said...

Go Gators!