Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Day We All Collectively Rolled Our Eyes

Apparently, the Air Force doesn't think its people can act like adults. Because of this, they've started having so-called "Wingman Days." Wingman days have been around for a while, but they used to promote camaraderie within the squadrons through activities and recreation. Now, they've devolved into us wearing our blues in a crowded auditorium so we can get talked down to for hours about how we're horrible people for letting all these DUIs and sexual assaults happen. After that, we ran in formation--which is the least beneficial way to run--and then broke into small groups to discuss ridiculous scenarios.
The intent was to boost morale and nip a few key issues in the bud; but it ended up making everyone bitter and apathetic. Our discontent is supposed to be channelled up to the commander, but chances are it will get filtered so many times, the message will be missed. It takes a lot to give me a bad attitude about something, but if we have too many more of these, Joann and I decided we're going to defect to Fiji.

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