Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad Santa

Corey, Stan, & Jeremiah
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When I said yesterday that I hadn't bought any Christmas presents, I was lying. I did buy one--for a gift exchange at my shop. Joann and I planned the whole thing, which was totally voluntary. Also, a couple weeks ago at our squadron Christmas party, our shop won a pizza party because we had the best centrepiece (a gold toilet with a tree coming out), so we set everything up for today.

Joann, Aaron, & Trever
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We drew numbers and opened our presents. We all agreed on a $20 limit, and everyone was pretty creative. I bought this, which ended up going to Johnny. I received a basket full of marinara, pesto, and parmesan. I think everyone was pretty happy with what they received, though Joann and I both decided we had enough pizza to last us until the New Year.

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