Wednesday, December 24, 2008


For a while, I was starting to regret volunteering to work over Christmas. You'd think there wouldn't be much going on this week, but we've had inspections, a shop renovation, and some major jobs going on. Stand-by calls have been steady. Plus, I've been driving home for lunch so I can let Azrael out for a few minutes. Needless to say, my stress level is a little higher than normal.
Lately, though, when people find out I volunteered to work over Christmas, they smile and tell me they appreciate it, even if it doesn't directly affect them. It makes me feel better about my decision.
So, yeah, I'm working today, and my Christmas spirit has been hindered a bit. I wish I were home with my family like last year, or at least relaxing with friends and sipping cider. However, I have several friends spending this Christmas in the desert, and I can't dwell on my own situation when theirs is so much worse. So, if you get a chance, send up a prayer for those guys. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.
Buon Natale!

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