Sunday, December 14, 2008

Doggie Daycare

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It seems I've become the go-to guy for dog-sitting. My friend Jason has asked me to watch Azrael, his rather large Belgian Malinois. It resembles a German Shepherd, only leaner, with shorter hair, and a bit scarier. Jason brought her over last night.
I've always been a dog person, and I've never had any problem getting along with them. Azrael, however, doesn't seem to like me very much. She doesn't bite, but barks every time I put my hand out. Jason said if I grabbed her toy and played with her, she might warm up to me, but no luck so far. The only time she's been near me is when I sat on the couch, and she laid next to me. She let me pet her for a bit, but as soon as I stood up, she went back to barking. The only other time she appeared happy was when I laid on the floor and played dead. Probably not a good sign.
I hope things change pretty soon because Jason is in the States for two weeks. Either Azrael or I am gonna have to give in, and seeing how she has her eye on my jugular, it will probably be me.

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