Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clutter Catcher

Mi Cucina
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MSgt Lewis, who's been in charge of our shop for a few years, is getting ready to retire. His wife is also active duty, and next month, they'll be moving to San Antonio, where she'll finish out her career in the Air Force. They have a huge house in Sacile, and since they'll be packing out later this week, they've been giving away lots of stuff. Corey got a recliner, and I got their old table and chairs. It's in great condition, and fits perfectly in my kitchen. I usually eat on my couch, but it provides extra counter space, and it's great for playing cards or Settlers. Plus, I always need another flat surface to set stuff on. If it's not completely littered with magazines and papers in a month, I'll be very proud of myself.

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