Friday, December 05, 2008

Decking Said Halls

Last night was our squadron holiday party (because, apparently, we're not allowed to call it a Christmas party). Because it was on a Thursday, we don't have to report to work until noon today, so we had a pretty good turnout.
We had one huge table for our entire shop, and had a great time eating and drinking and laughing. It's cool to see everyone dressed up.
The biggest draw for holiday parties is the prizes. Some are pure luck, and others you have to earn. Stan's ticket number was called, and he won some wine glasses. Johnny and I both won 25 bucks for identifying baby pictures, and Dan won a digital camera in the dance-off. There's probably already video circulating on the internet, but trust me--you don't want to see it.
Thanks to Aaron for staying sober and driving us all home. Now I have to find a way to get back to base to retrieve my truck.

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Sarah Wendt said...

So, we had Thanksgiving dinner the other week...and I though "what's missing here".... Bread. I LOVE your bread. The holiday didn't seem complete without it. Just thinking about you!