Sunday, April 30, 2006

Saturday Stimuli

Ryan, John, Katie, & Monica
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The original plan last night was to go to the Morningwood / Sounds show in SLC, and then meet up with the crew to go out. Due to a few certain circumstances, I skipped the show, and went to dinner with everyone, then to Ryan and Brian's, then to Fetish Night at Area 51, which was as fun as ever. I took tons of pictures just by holding my camera up in the air on the dance floor. Here are a few of the more tame ones fit to publish:

Katie & Robert
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Kyle & Ryan
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Monica & Kyle
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Ryan, Brian, Mikey, & Floyd
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The cool thing about Fetish Night is that anything goes. Tons of different people show up and the only thing they have in common is nobody cares what anyone else does or says or wears. A very free environment. You don't have to dress any particular way, but it's better if you do. Brian and I both wore BDU pants and hats. Mikey wore a collar and a leash. Lawyer Ryan and Bald Ryan wore shiny leather pants. And we were on the milder end of the scale. We see people wearing extreme bondage gear, french maid outfits, carrying around creepy dolls, and a very goth Snow White. I just smile and appreciate the effort.

Brian & Ryan
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Sam's House
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I went to a cookout this afternoon at the home of Sam Chavez, a guy in our shop. Pretty much everyone from the whole shop was there, plus wives and children. There was lots of beer and food and horseshoes. I had a lot more fun than I thought I would. Here's a few pictures:

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Branden Tossing
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Z & Doug
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Tim Tossing
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Back Yard
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Friday Frolic

Me & Rob
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Last night was FUN! First, Tavia, Mica, Jeff, Matt, Nick, Ryan, and I went to this place in SLC called The Bayou. They had great food and more varieties of beer than I've ever seen. I even got a free t-shirt with my year-long membership.
Afterward, to follow tradition, we went to Brian & Ryan's. I know all these pictures of us hanging out there are probably getting old, but it's so much fun and I want to be able to read about this and reminisce when I'm old and decrepit.

Mikey & Katie
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Jeff & John
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Something interesting about our group is how many Ryans there are. (Well, maybe it's not THAT interesting, but it's kinda odd.) So whenever anyone mentions a Ryan, they always have to signify which one using an adjective. For instance, we have Lil' Ryan, Bald Ryan (shown here on the far left), Lawyer Ryan (second from the right), Roommate Ryan, Gay Ryan, and the list goes on...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Rite of Spring

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Even if you love the snow as much as I do, you can't deny that Spring sets off something inside us. Breathing in the warm air, feeling the sun on my face. It's a time of awakening and renewal. Thanks, God.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Calm After the Storm

After several weeks of rather hard partying, my temperament seems to be getting back to normal. I'm enjoying my evenings at home with a book more often, and even passed up an offer to go karaoke in SLC tonight. Not that I'm going to stop going out altogether. Just more sporadically. All things in moderation, right?
Of course, the tide could shift toward the opposite direction at any given time, and it's doubtful the empty wallet and heavy eyelids at work from these past few weeks will help me learn my lesson.
In other news, Ryan and I have given up looking for a house and have decided to stay in our apartment for another year. This wasn't really the ideal situation for which we were hoping, just because there's so much more freedom living in a house. However, our apartment is nice, affordable, and in a great location. Plus, I could potentially be deploying in September. Ryan's tentative plan is to separate from the Air Force in a year, and I'm getting antsy for orders out of here, so apartment life is what most closely meets our needs. I'm hoping to go back overseas, save up some big money, and be able to buy a house next time I return stateside.
Anyway, I'm going to read another chapter, go through my pre-bed routine, and get some sleep. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Child's Play

Perhaps this was something that only went on in my neighbourhood, but when you were little and you were getting ready to play a game of tag or hide-and-seek, did you decide who was going to be "it" with a little game called "potatoes?"
Potatoes was basically when all the players would get in a circle and you'd put your hands together, locking your fingers, and put them in the middle. This was your potato. Then the caller would go around the circle tapping everyone's potato to the beat of a rhyme. If you got tapped, then your potato split up into two smaller potatoes, which was basically two fists. The rhyme would continue until everyone's little potatoes were tapped out and the last person left with a potato was "it." Most of the rhymes asked a question, and whomever got tagged could answer the question, and the second half of the rhyme would continue based on his or her answer.
I was running around the track the other day, and for some reason, all the little rhymes started going through my head. I started laughing so hard at how funny they were. Like I said, I don't know if anyone else every engaged in potatoes, but if you did, I'd love to hear what rhymes you used. Here are a few we used in Morganfield, KY circa 1982.

Eeney, meaney, miney, mo.
Catch a tiger by his toe.
If he hollers, let him go.
Eeney, meaney, miney, mo.
My Momma told me to pick the best one,
And you are not IT!

Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish.
How many pieces do you wish?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
And you are not IT!

Grandma Moses
Sittin' in her rockin' chair
Chewin' on her underwear.
What colour were they?
And you are not IT!

Engine, engine, number nine
Going down the Chicago Line.
If the train should bump the track,
Do you want your money back?
And you are not IT!

My Momma and your Momma were hanging out clothes.
My Momma socked your Momma right in the nose.
What colour was the blood except red?
And you are not IT!

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, it makes me want to get a bunch of people together for a big game of hide-and-seek and remember what it was like as a child to be so fun-loving and care-free during the summer. Those have to be some of the greatest memories ever.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Date With The Night

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is quite possibly one of the greatest rock stars of all time. When she's on stage, it's near impossible to take your eyes off her. She prances around in home made outfits while belting out tunes with swagger and style.
The YYYs played SLC last night, and I was not about to miss this one. I'd been looking forward to this show for weeks, and for good reason. The show was at the U of U campus, and it was outdoors, which made it even better. The weather was perfect and the whole crowd was anticipating a super performance.
The opener was a Brooklyn band called Blood on the Wall. They were a three-piece band with brother-sister singers that played some great bass heavy indie rock with a hint of punk and blues. A good band and great choice for an opening act.
The whole reason the Yeah Yeah Yeahs even exist is because of their live shows. The buzz around them grew in 2001 because of their shows around New York City, so they decided to put out an EP on their own which prompted a major label bidding war. They released their first full-length album, "Fever to Tell," in 2003, and it's definitely a staple of my collection. Every song is a modern punk masterpiece. Their second album, "Show Your Bones," was released last month and I haven't stopped listening to it. They didn't just make a continuation of their first album or freak out and go a totally different direction. They evolved both lyrically and sonically to make a record of emotional depth and dizzying texture.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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As for the show last night, I couldn't have asked for more. The entire band was amazing. When they came out, Karen O was wearing a silver leotard that looked like someone had attacked her with the Bedazzler. She strutted around the stage as they played songs from both albums and never lost an ounce of energy. I was pretty close to the front and everyone around me was jumping and dancing as much as we could for being packed in like sardines. And I could swear that when she sang "We'll build a fire in your eyes," she was looking right at me.
The main set lasted a good 90 minutes. For the encore, Karen came back out wearing a body suit painted like a skeleton with fringe and a hood. The whole night was such a great spectacle and I didn't want it to end. This is the reason I go to shows in the first place. "Sometimes I think that I'm bigger than the sound." Definitely.

Double Decades

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Sam's 20th birthday was Monday. We celebrated today at Nate and Natsuko's. Natsuko is an amazing cook. I had some wonderful vegetarian lasagna and home made cheesecake that was delicious. That's definitely where I want to have my next birthday.

Smiles All Around

On the Porch
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Went down to SLC last night for the standard weekend socialising at Brian and Ryan's. You'd think doing this every weekend would get old, but it doesn't. I always have good conversation and tons of fun. Here's a few pictures, 90% of which include Katie. She's definitely not camera shy.

Katie & Kyle
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Katie & John
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Tonya Modeling
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When Tonya drinks, she likes to do her Tyra Banks impersonation. Personally, I think Tyra's got nothin' on Tonya.

Ryan, Katie, & Jessica
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Katie & Me
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Me, Katie, Lexie, & Kyle
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Katie, Floyd, & Mikey
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Zach, Tonya, Lexie, & Kyle
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This is why candid shots are so much fun.

Ryan & Jessica
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Ryan brought along his friend Jessica, who we'd never met before but was totally cool. I love meeting new people.

Lexie & Tonya
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Ryan & Katie
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Ryan's birthday was Wednesday, so we were kinda celebrating it last night. Ryan is a little camera shy, so this is the only picture I got of him. It looks like he and Katie are in deep conversation about the myseteries of life, but they're probably just talking about Jager.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things I wanted to say to the guy who was cutting my hair yesterday, but didn't:

"You've gone over that same spot at least 37 times. It's not going to get any shorter that way."

"Should I be concerned that your eyes are pointing in two different directions?"

"I can't really hear what you're saying when the clippers are buzzing right next to my ear."

"Are you purposefully trying to make me bleed?"

"Actually, just stop talking altogether."

"Ouch. Ouch! OUCH!"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Say What?

I've noticed that I tend to look at people's lips when I'm having a conversation, and not directly into their eyes. If I think about it, then I'll look into their eyes, but usually the conversation is over before I've realised what I'm doing. I'm going to work on this.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Batter Up

I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'll probably be single forever. I mean, I'm not avoiding marriage or anything. If the right girl came along, of course I'd marry her. I just don't think it will ever happen. I'm not upset about it, and the title "confirmed bachelor" is kinda catchy. (Of course, if I were a female, that would translate to "spinster," which is not catchy at all.)
Despite all this, I still really enjoy dating. I've been going out on dates as much as ever (though the making out has all but stopped). Unfortunately, few have held my interest past the second date. I think I'm dating people too young, mostly in the mid-twenty range. (Though, a couple weeks ago, I went out with a 21-year-old.) But finding an unmarried over-30 in Utah is an exercise in futility.
I've always said my biggest fear is being old and alone. And even though there aren't any prospects, that fear seems to be subsiding. God has always brought me great friends no matter where I am, and I'm confident He will continue to do so. I'll just continue to enjoy meeting people and dating and playing the field and making friends and whatever happens, happens.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

White as Sugar

For Easter yesterday, I was invited to dinner at Sarah's parents' house. The whole crew was there and we had a great time eating and talking and hiding eggs for Jake again. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so no pictures this time. I also stuffed myself so full of candy (including the Queen Mother of all Easter candy - the Cadbury Egg!), I could barely walk.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Buzz Buddies

Salt Lake Bees
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Last night, a big group of us went to opening night for the Salt Lake Bees, the minor league team. The weather was mild, except for a few sprinkles here and there, and we had a great time. The Bees beat the Portland Beavers, 6-1.

Drew & John
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Drew is also a frequent patron of Rooster's, which is how we became friends. He and John are both huge baseball fans, and had been looking forward to opening night for weeks.

Ryan & Brian
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After the game and a quick bite to eat, we went to Brian and Ryan's house. It seems this is the social center of SLC. We always end up hanging out here at least once every weekend, usually twice. Even if we're just going to go out to dinner or to a club or whatever, the meeting point is always Brian and Ryan's.

Floyd, Mikey, & Katie
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The Crew
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It's easy to get people to pose for pictures, so I've been trying to get more and more candid shots. This is one of the better ones from last night.

Katie & Me
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I haven't known Katie that long, but that girl sure knows how to make me laugh.

John & Nick
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Another highligh of last night was getting to see our friend Nick, who has been kinda M.I.A. for a few months. He used to live up near me, but recently moved down to SLC and works A LOT. It was great to see him again.

It was a super-fun night, and I held a perfect buzz doing sporadic shots of Jager and vodka. I wonder what will go on tonight...?

Friday, April 14, 2006

No Solutions, Just Bombs Below

A new live music venue called The Depot opened in Salt Lake City in January. The opening night act was Cake, and the Roots played a few nights later. Unfortunately, I was in Texas at the time, and, until last night, nobody has played there that I was really wanting to see.

Living Things
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Living Things debut album "Ahead of the Lions" ended up on several "Best of 2005" lists. The best way I can describe them would just be straight-up kick-ass rock-n-roll. Every track on the album is a fist-in-the-air, politically charged, rally cry.
They played SLC last night, and I was there. There were two opening acts: The Adored and Diamond Nights. I missed The Adored, and walked in half-way through Diamond Nights set. They looked and sounded as if they came right out of touring with Foghat in 1977. Not really my style, but they were energetic and enjoyable. I like to catch opening acts, just in case one day they make it really big and I can say, "I saw them way back when..."
As for the venue, I was really impressed. The Depot had a great feel to it. It was intimate and reminded me of the House of Blues in Las Vegas. I was a little disappointed there were only about 40 people there, but, in a way, it kinda seemed like the band was playing a more private show.
When Living Things came out, I left my seat in the back and walked to the front with about 15 other people and began to dance to their infectious rock grooves. They played nearly every song on their album and sounded great. Unfortunately, I left my phone at home, so I had to resort to this stock photo from the internet. They're made up of three brothers from St. Louis and their buddy. Lillian Berlin, the singer and oldest brother, was very theatrical and made sure to make everyone feel like they were there to have a great time.
After their main set, they went backstage for a bit. We were all standing and waiting for the encore when this idiot in the crowd threw his beer bottle on the stage and it completely shattered. Then the roadie came out to say the band wouldn't be playing anymore. If I ever see that guy again, I'm gonna punch him in the mouth.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Destination: Inebriation

Me & Tavia
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Since we're there every Thursday night, we've developed quite a friendship with the staff at Rooster's. So much so that Jason, a waiter and newly appointed assistant brewmaster, invited us to his house last night for a barbecue.

Steve & Brittney
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Nearly all of the Rooster's crew was there, though Theresa was sorely missed. Jason had driven up to Wyoming to get a keg of Fat Tire, which I'd never had before, but was very tasty. Too tasty, in fact.

Tavia, John, & Jason
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It was a good thing John drove, because when I start drinking and there are lots of cool people around and the social juices are flowing, I lose track of how much I've had. Last night, how much I had was way too much.

Matt & Mica
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It's so fun talking to people who grew up so different than I did. I had some great conversations last night. I also did the drink-and-dial. Twice. Jay texted me today to tell me how funny the message I left on his voicemail was.

Jason & Me
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Every time I spend the night drinking, I always get to a point where I know I've had enough and I can ride out my buzz and have a great night. Last night, I totally cruised past that point without looking back. I don't know what time we left, but it was pretty late, and I felt pretty rough this morning. The beer gods had their revenge when I had to test very loud fire alarms in a very large and very echo-y building from 7 to 10 AM.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Line Up

We all went to brunch this morning in Sugarhouse at a place called The Fiddler's Elbow. As we were leaving, Katie decided this would make a great picture. I agree.

Homo Sapiens

Katie, Ryan, & Me
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Yesterday, a big crew of us went to Hogle Zoo down in SLC. It was something different, and we all had a great time. I didn't take too many animal pictures, but I took plenty of us acting stupid.

Ryan Hatching
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Ryan & John
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"My humps! My humps, my humps, my humps. Check it out!"