Friday, June 01, 2007

Ready or Not

Internet, because you have such control over my life, and also because I promised, I'm letting you in on some important news that not many people know yet.
This morning, I found out I'll be moving to Aviano Air Base, Italy in February '08. You honestly have no idea how excited I am about this. When I read the news this morning, I pogo'd around my shop like a hyperactive kid with a Hershey bar.
Of course, there is a certain sadness in that I've really fallen in love with Utah and the many friends I've made here. My report date is eight months away, so I have plenty of time to prepare; but the initial shock is still setting in, so I'm still all abuzz with adrenaline.
Something that really weirds me out is the strangely prophetic dream I had last night. I'm wondering why none of the dreams featuring Gwen Stefani ever turned out this way.
I called my parents and they're both excited for me. Dad, who's already been planning another ski trip out here next Winter said, "I guess we'll have to plan our trip for January." I replied, "OR you can plan it for March...IN THE ALPS!"


Nick said...

YEAH!!! Well, Italy, here I come!

Mike C said...

DUDE!!! You are SO gonna love Italy, Europe is definitely your kind of place. Congrats, man!

Jess said...

I will miss you but am excited for you because of the new opportunity.

Mon said...

curtis, i can't think of a person who will enjoy it more. i know you'll enjoy it immensely.

Josh said...

You'll have to come visit Germany and say hello :) Awesome! Josh G