Saturday, June 09, 2007

"You can't get addicted to Vico-doodle!"

I love to laugh. I mean, who doesn't? But for some reason, I rarely make it to a comedy club. But when I saw that Janeane Garofalo was coming through SLC, I bought a ticket immediately.
Brian joined me at a venue normally used by punk bands, which made the evening really interesting. The first comic was a guy named Chris Fairbanks, who was only medium funny. But I guess that's probably what would work best for the headliners.
Janeane was scheduled to headline, but she ended up coming on next because she said if she went on last, she'd end up talking all night. Even though he went on last, I'll go ahead and talk about Patton Oswalt. His act was a typical comedy routine, but it was very funny. My favourite part was when he compared the Star Wars prequels to Jon Voight's scrotum. I couldn't do it justice, so I'm not going to try. He also did a bit where he talked to different people from the crowd, which had me rolling a couple times.

Janeane Garofalo
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Janeane was so tiny and cute and she had some great tattoos on her arms, including one of Rosie the Riveter. Her routine veered from the normal stand-up procedure. She didn't really tell any jokes, per se. It was more like talking about people she's met and things she's done. She had a book of notes she had written down since she arrived in SLC the day before. There were some great observations about the city and its people. Her hour-long act was a total stream-of-consciousness conclave that was sometimes political, but always entertaining. I didn't agree with everything she said, but I admire her passion for what she believes.
The whole night gave me more respect for the wit of stand-up comics. It's so impressive how they come up with different stuff every night. Maybe it was good that Janeane let Patton go on first, because I could have listened to her all night and been late for work today.

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