Thursday, June 28, 2007

Big Mac

When I got back from the desert and was told I'd be working water operations, I was totally cool with it. The boss told me it's a job that requires someone who knows what needs to be done and can be left to do it without worry. Originally, there were three of us on my shift, but Jim left to work in training, leaving just Johnny McLaughlin (a civilian) and me.
When I first got to Utah, Johnny was still active duty and in my shop for a few months. I never really had much interaction with him, so I didn't really have an opinion about working with him after my deployment. However, I was told by people, "Don't worry. He's not near as much of an asshole as he used to be." This left me a little apprehensive.
But now, I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with. We both enjoy our job, and rarely does a moment go by that he doesn't make me laugh. He's done a great job training me on what needs to be done, and I feel lucky to get to work with him. Since we're on day shift, we're in a more high-profile position, which probably prompts us to work a little harder, but it almost seems like we aren't even at work. Johnny works weekends, so he has Thursday and Friday off, making those the longest days for me.
Water operations could have the tendency to get monotonous, but, thanks to Johnny, my days are filled with jokes about peanut butter and purple trucks. This is the first time in a great while that I've really looked forward to going to work.

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