Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Safety Dance

Last Wednesday, a civilian in my shop climbed up a big rack to grab a piece of pipe. When he jumped off, his wedding ring got caught and ripped all the flesh off his finger bone. He was rushed to the hospital in Salt Lake, but unfortunately, they were unable to save his finger. He's only been working on base for a few months, and I feel really bad for him.
There have been a lot of accidents and mishaps in our squadron lately, and the finger incident spurred a somewhat delayed reaction from our leadership culminating in a big safety day today. Basically, we sat through hours and hours of safety briefings convering everything from heavy lifting to electrical safety to drinking and driving. Now, the entire Air Force has a policy of weekly safety briefings, which have obviously kept me safe for the past ten years; and if seeing someone in your own squadron lose a finger doesn't keep someone from getting complacent while on the job, I seriously doubt a bunch of boring safety briefings are going to do the trick either.

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jimandnik said...

Dang dude. Well, hooray for safety anyway. Waddup Curtis!