Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dial Tone

I bought a new cell phone tonight. I've had my Motorola PEBL for a year and a half, and I really love it. But I guess cell phones really aren't meant to last that long. Lately, some of the keys aren't working very well, so when I have to dial a number that's not in my phonebook, it takes a while. And don't even think about sending a text message unless you have twenty minutes to spare. T-Mobile, my provider, no longer carries the PEBL, and claiming it on the insurance for which I pay $5.99 a month would cost me another $75. (What a rip-off!) So after doing a little online research, I broke down and upgraded to a Motorola RIZR. I know I'm leaving for Italy in eight months, but I needed a new phone and this upgrade wasn't too expensive. Plus, it cost a helluva lot less than Option B.
What is "Option B," you ask? Option B would be waiting until the 29th for the release of the iPhone, something that I've been anticipating since January. Even now, when I look at the website, I still want one. I'm tempted to take my RIZR back to the T-Mobile store, and camp outside the nearest AT&T store for 16 days just so I can be the first in line. But I know it's not practical to pay $500 for a phone, especially when a) I may not be able to use it overseas, b) it's the first generation, and c) it's just plain ridiculous. I'm sure I'll see one after the release and I'll drool over it and kick myself for not waiting. But deep down, I know I've made the right call. Sorry, Apple, but you'll have to release the next generation iPod to get any more money from me.

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