Saturday, June 30, 2007

When the Sun Goes Down

Growing up in Kentucky, it was practically state law to like country music. I went through various phases, and still like it on some level; but I rarely go to country music shows. When I was in Vegas in March hanging with my friend Dan (who doesn't really appreciate country music very much, either), he said a buddy of his took him to see Kenny Chesney, and he thought it was one of the most entertaining shows he'd ever seen. Based on his recommendation, I went to see Kenny last night with Nick Fuoss and Nick Sorrentino.
The show was at the amphitheatre in West Valley, and it was completely sold out. The traffic was horrible, which resulted in us missing the first opener, Pat Green, but arrived just in time to see Sugarland, who sounded pretty good, though I didn't recognise many of their songs.

Kenny Chesney
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When Kenny finally came out, the sun was just setting, and the crowd went crazy. We could barely hear the first song through all the screaming. Again, I didn't know too many of his songs, but the beer made me not really care. The entire show was so full of energy, it almost made me tired from watching. But at the same time, his laid back attitude really projected onto everyone. The weather was perfect, and we all danced around in the grass for two hours. Thanks to Dan for the great recommendation, and thanks to Nick and Nick for going with me.


Mike C said...

You TOTALLY missed out if you didn't get to see Pat Green, man! He is by far the best out of all of the, AND, the only one of the three that writes his own words and music. He pretty much single-handedly jump-started the Texas music revolution, and put Texas on the map for Texas music.

Before you leave SLC, see if you can catch Cross Canadian Ragweed, I think they are even better, they "rock" a lot more.

Mike C said...

They are actually playing in Park City 8 Aug at Suede... if you can make it, you should check them out.