Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Be Quiet and Drive

A new law went into effect in Utah just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Failure to wear one's safety belt used to be a minor offense, only punishable if pulled over for another reason. But now, it's considered a violation worthy of getting stopped and cited. This doesn't really apply to me directly because the first thing I do when I get in my truck is put on my seatbelt. And if I didn't, a loud noise/flashing light would remind me until I did. Still, I have somewhat of a problem with the law.
I don't think laws should be passed that force people to do things that don't affect other people. Laws against speeding, talking on cell phones while driving, stealing, murder, etc... are all well and good. But seriously, if I'm riding a motorcycle, and I wanna be stupid and not wear a helmet, does that really hurt anyone (besides me)? They're not going to make any laws against suicide, are they? And couldn't those cops be hunting down robbers and killers instead of giving someone a ticket for lack of seatbelt use?
I don't like big government, and I think laws that restrict our daily lives are just wearing us down until we have no more choices at all. Seatbelts and helmets, recreational drugs, gay marriage. As long as I'm not hurting anyone else, is it really any of the government's business?


Mon said...

i've always felt exactly how you feel about every single example you gave. as a general rule, i am against regulating stupidity, and i am in favour of smaller government. the only issue i have against people not wearing seat belts while other people are in the vehicle is that that person not wearing the seat belt becomes a projectile if an accident occurs. if they are alone, though? i couldn't care a bit less.

i don't think that's why the law is in effect, though. i do think it's more of the government wanting control and not about projectiles.

Jess said...

As long as people put seatbelts on their kids and their babies in carseats, I am ok with the stupid parents not protecting themselves.