Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The best thing about tee-shirts is they're comfortable, inexpensive, versatile, and they'll never go out of style. Similar to how I used to rarely wear jeans, I also rarely wore tee-shirts; but over the past few years, my collection has grown quite a bit. Most of the tees I own were purchased online, and I get quite a few compliments from them. So, I feel it is my duty to pass on to you, my faithful readers, my favourite places to purchase cool tee-shirts, all of which are relatively small, independent businesses.

Threadless - This is probably my first choice for tee-shirt buying. All the designs are original, and they have $10 sales pretty often. The medium fits me perfectly. If you're an artist, you can submit your own designs. Plus, if you click on this link and buy something, I get credit toward future purchases. Thanks in advance!

Neighborhoodies - This is a place where you can totally custom make just about any kind of tee-shirt, hoodie, bag, etc. any way you want. It's a little expensive, but everything you design is your own, and I've been very pleased with everything I've bought there.

American Apparel - This is a great place for basics, including jackets, underwear, and accessories. It's all made in downtown L.A., and has a great variety of colours and styles.

The Cotton Factory - This place has tons of cute, quirky tees. Nearly all of them make me laugh, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'd wear all of them. Regardless, they're all pretty inexpensive.

Vintage Vantage - Another store full of fun, quirky tee-shirts, many of which make me question the sanity of the designer.

ThreadPit - Some super-funny stuff mixed with some super-politically incorrect stuff. Plus tons of shirts with obscure movie references.

Anyway, those are just a few of the sites I have bookmarked under "Shopping-Clothing." If anyone knows of any other cool tee-shirt stores, I'd love to hear about them.

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