Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something Cool Against the Skin

Something Cool Against the Skin
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Suzanne Vega has been around for quite a while, playing her worderfully poppy folk songs. If you were around in the mid-80s, chances are you heard her big radio hit, "Luka." And if you were around in the early-90s, chances are you heard the DNA remix of "Tom's Diner." Her voice is sullen and calming, but still projects hope and joy.
Suzanne played SLC last night at Red Butte Garden, a great outdoor venue I hadn't been to before. The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the crowd was mellow. I picked a spot up on the hill, took off my shoes, and enjoyed the music.
The only people on stage were Suzanne, playing her acoustic guitar, and her bassist. She played songs spanning her entire career, and had some great stories to tell inbetween. It was so nice to just lay in the grass and gaze at the moon rising. Outdoor concerts are the best.


Mike said...

Hi my name is Luka... I live on the second floor...

I've always wondered who sang that and what the name of it was, but I would always forget to look it up later.

Jess said...

Speaking of cool venues, have you been to a concert at the ampitheatre at Thanksgiving Point?