Friday, August 18, 2006


Theresa & Tavia
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Yesterday was Tavia's 25th birthday. To celebrate, Jeff organised a surprise party at her parents' house in North Salt Lake.

Amy & Wendy
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Pretty much all the cool Rooster's people were there, and since they're usually working when we're drinking, it was nice to get to drink with them for a change.

Jeff & Tavia
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Jeff went up to Wyoming and picked up a keg of Fat Tire, which I hadn't had since this extremely drunken night. Luckily, last night, I stopped after number four.

Me, Wendy, & Ryan
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There were tons of people there that I didn't know, mostly Tavia's extended family, but it was great to meet many of them. I love birthday parties. Especially ones with lots of cake.
After the party, several of us went down to Area 51 for 80s night. Usually, they play more alt-80s music (Joy Division, New Order, etc.), but last night, they played a lot of Top 40 stuff. I think the gayest moment of my entire life is when they played "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and I jumped and screamed with glee. Ugh.

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