Saturday, January 03, 2009

Interior Design, Nordic Style

There's an Ikea in Padova, a town just on the other side of Venice, and we've been discussing a trip there for a long time. Johnny and Jenny are still unpacking things in their new place, but decided now is as good a time as any. So, yesterday morning, Jenny, Johnny, Corey, and I hopped in my truck to buy some trendy Swedish furniture.
What we didn't take into account is that yesterday is what the Italians refer to as a "ponte festa," or bridge holiday. Basically, since Thursday was a holiday and Saturday is the weekend, they'll go ahead and take Friday off to bridge the gap. The Italians are pretty keen on taking off any day they can get. Ikea was still open, but it was a total mad house. There were so many people, it took us hours to get through the store.
The other thing we didn't take into account is that my truck, while spacious, does have its limits. Johnny and Jenny bought some shelves that took up a lot of space, so everything else we bought was squeezed in to little nooks and crannies. Jenny had to sit on Johnny's lap during the drive home.
I didn't buy too much. They were having their post-Christmas sale, so I picked up a few knick-knacks, plus a small rocking chair so I can sit on my balcony and read. Plus, from their displays, I got a few ideas on how to arrange things in my house. I don't recommend Ikea for furniture you want to have until you're old and grey, but it's a great place to get cool looking stuff.

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