Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brain Stew

I just got home from my first session of Italian 112. As I left the building, all I could think was, "Holy Shit." This is not going to be an easy class.
I have a different instructor this time, a 50-ish attractive lady named Stefania. Her syllabus includes random quizzes and detailed writing assignments. She speaks better English than Signore Muscinelli did, and I think she'll be able to teach me a lot.
I spent most of the class frantically taking notes, a little intimidated that everyone else seemed to be keeping up fine. Luckily, there are only nine people in my class, as opposed to 25 last time. Also, this class only meets twice a week, so each session is two hours and forty minutes.
I'm hoping that everything I learned last summer will come rushing back, but if not, I'm totally prepared to spend my weekends studying. It's gonna be a rough ride, but I'm not about to give up.

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