Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go, Speed Racer

Jake is getting ready to leave for some training in the States. After that, he'll be spending a year in Iraq. So last night, Joann threw a big going-away dinner for him. Jake works on the flightline, so I didn't know many people there; but it was obvious from so many people showing up that he'll be missed.

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After dinner, we all went to an indoor go-cart track in Pordenone. I'd heard about it, but never been. I didn't really know what I was in for.

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The cars were surprisingly fast, especially for such a curvy track. We were all sliding all over the place, and hitting the walls and stuff. I hadn't had such adolescent fun in a long time. When we got the printout of our results, I saw my top speed was 40 km/hr.

Johnny, Corey, & Stan
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Despite my best efforts, I came in fourth. Corey won first, something that we'll probably hear about until he leaves Italy. I think Johnny felt he got screwed, and wasn't afraid to show it. It was 19 Euro to race for 15 minutes, and even though it was totally worth it, it might be a while before I go again.

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