Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We've Got Everything

Friday afternoon, I called Kyle, who needed some serious cheering-up. I know when I'm down, the best remedy is to go shopping. I suggested we go to the outlet mall in Park City. Kyle was up for it, and glad to be getting out of his house. The only place I really wanted to go was the Polo outlet to pick up a sweatshirt, but I ended up leaving with much, much more. To make room for the new stuff, I cleaned out my closet and now have several bags of clothing to take to the base thrift shop.
Sometimes I disgust myself with the amount of money I spend on ridiculous shit. And not just clothing. There are songs on my iPod I've never heard. Books on my shelf I'll never read. DVDs I'll never watch. Bottled water in my refrigerator. Nine different bottles of cologne on my dresser. Going out to eat when I have food at home. Stereo equipment sitting in a box on my floor that hasn't been used in over a year. And I won't even get into the amount of money I've spent on alcohol.
I rationalise everything by saying, "It's only money. I'll make more. And you only live once." It's shameful how selfish I am. I afford myself too many luxuries. I go through phases where I tell myself that it must stop. Sadly, the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction very soon.

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