Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fat Tire

Since I've gotten back from the desert, my running schedule has been sporadic, at best. On top of that, my eating habbits aren't exactly healthy. My main meals are fine, but I tend to snack on a lot of junk inbetween. One thing I've been quite good on is my alcohol intake. It's much less than it was before I left, and of that, I'm proud.
Today at work, Johnny and I were changing out a big, heavy valve. I was bent over turning a wrench on a bolt beneath the valve, and I happened to look down and see my gut hanging over my belt. I immediately sucked in my stomach, hoping nobody else had seen what I'd seen. I weighed myself when I got home, but it didn't seem grossly high. I think I've lost a lot of muscle and it's been replaced by even more fat. Ugh.
I'm making a pact with myself to get rid of this gut before summer. My only concrete motivation is my annual fitness test in May. But my best motivation is to just be happy with myself. I'm lucky I haven't slipped into my post-deployment depression, especially as little as I've been running. If I can keep up with a good gym schedule, I should be able to prevent any kind of depression from setting in. Feel free to call me out if I reveal that I've skipped my run for no good reason. I'm counting on you, Internet!

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Jean-Marie said...

No gym schedule, no running, no actual working out cept what I get not sitting behind a desk all day. Took full advantage of what definitely is the beginning of spring today. Long walk, ipod, takes me back to a time when I had time for that. Definitely miss it. Call me, miss you.