Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bears On Ice

Grizzles Score!
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Last night, Nick, Chris, Doug, and I went to see a Utah Grizzlies ice hockey game. The Grizzles are an independent minor league team that play in the E Center in West Valley City. Hockey isn't exactly huge around here, so it's easy to buy a cheap ticket and then just go sit wherever you want.
I'm not much of a sports kind of guy, but hockey is really fun to watch, especially live. It's very fast-paced, plus you can drink beer. The Grizzlies played the Bakersfield Condors, who are first in their division. I happened to take this picture right when Utah scored, hence the guys with their arms in the air. Though they put up a good fight, the Grizzlies lost in overtime, 5-4. Still, it was fun to do something different.

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