Friday, March 30, 2007

The LT Road

Ken, Mike, & Me
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Mike Bulyk, my former troop, is in town this week. He used to be active duty, but is now in school to pursue a career as a commissioned officer in the Air Force. He's majoring in Russian at the University of Illinois at Chicago, but this week, he's on spring break, and decided to make the 18-hour drive to Utah to hang out with his old friends. Last night, Ken and Monica had us all over for a barbecue, and it was super fun.

Emma & Me
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Ken and Monica's children, Emma and Spencer, are a riot and amazingly adorable. They're so much fun to play with.

Brian & Emma
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They also have a Wii, which I've never played, and, due to moderate alcohol consumption, still didn't play last night. But it sure looked fun. Almost as fun as all the drink-n-dialing I did. But that's another story.

Me & Ken
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Ken and his evil peer-pressuring ways managed to get me to smoke a clove with him. It might have had something to do with the Makers Mark that flowed so freely. But I have to admit I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Spencer, Me, & Emma
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It was great to see Mike again, and also great to hang out at Ken and Monica's. I should seriously go over there more often. I didn't leave until nearly 2 AM.
Mike is leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Chicago. Have a safe trip, man. I look forward to one day saluting you.

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