Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trip It Up and Down

I did a lot of manual labour at work today. Jim and I personally moved, by hand, three pallets of dry chemicals, bag by 50-lb. bag. It was a lot of work, and I decided that I was going to skip my run today. Plus, everyone in the shop went to the club after work for a drink, like they do every Friday. I don't usually join them, but felt like socialising with my co-workers, so I made an exception.
I only had one drink (a bourbon on the rocks), and as I was going home afterward, I passed the gym and thought, "What the hell! I'll go for a run anyway." I've now decided the best way to run is after a shot of booze. I felt like I could have run for miles and miles, but was reaching the thirty-minute limit on the treadmill. I think I'll start keeping my flask in my truck so I can take a swig or two before going into the gym. Those extra pounds are going to be more fun to lose than I thought.

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Jean-Marie said...

Glad to talk to you the other night. Remember about my grandma? She died today. Twenty years after my grandpa died. Wonder what love is like in heaven. All of the joy, none of the pain. Gotta be amazing.