Saturday, March 10, 2007

Camera Obscura

I never lose things. I've never lost my keys. I've never lost a cell phone (though I did accidentally wash one once). I've never lost a dog. I've only briefly lost my sanity. But when it comes to cameras, I don't have the best track record. Sometime early last week, I lost my Canon SD400. It was a great camera, and I'm really frustrated with myself. This is the third camera I've lost since I moved to Utah. (But, in my defence, I did find camera number one. Then I sold it.) After a week and a half of no luck, I finally opted to buy a new one.
After much research, I decided on the Canon SD800 IS. I've tried other brands before, but Canons always seem to take the best pictures. This one is a 7.1 megapixel and had the best review on CNET.
Buying the camera was an odyssey in itself. I tried all the locally owned camera stores around here, but not one carried it. I reluctantly went to Circuit City to see if they had it. They did, but it took so long to get anyone to help me, I gave up and left. Then I went to Best Buy. They carried the camera, but didn't have any in stock. I went back home to do some online research, and decided to head back to Circuit City because I didn't feel like driving an hour to the Best Buy in Provo to get the damn camera. It still took forever for a salesperson to even acknowledge my existence, but I finally got the camera I wanted. Printed on my receipt was an online customer survey, which I promptly filled out with details of my unpleasant visit. I hope they really read those things.

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Anyway, today was our annual squadron ski day. Several of us went up to Snowbasin, and I had the first opportunity to use my new camera. And I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

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It was a really warm day. Some people were skiing in nothing more than pants and a t-shirt. I wanted to shed a layer or two, but didn't want to walk all the way to my truck. Regardless, we had a great day full of powder, bourbon, and Z's unique style of uncontrolled downhill chaos.

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