Friday, June 09, 2006

What To Do

There's an air show going on this weekend, and it's a pretty big deal. But, you see, the thing is, I hate air shows. They're overcrowded and loud and just plain annoying; however, this is the big chance for the Air Force to show off, and, to do so, they need the help of pretty much everyone on base. And if you're in CE, like I am, then it's guaranteed you're going to get "volun-told" to help out...unless you take leave. Which I did. Over a weekend. Yes, it's important enough to me to get out of the air show and spend a few days of leave. And I figured if I'm going to take leave over a weekend, then I might as well take Friday, too. So I did. I slept in this morning, then went to lunch and shopping with John, and it's been totally worth it.

Chad & Candy
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Also, last night, after Rooster's, John, Chad, and I went to the Mynt Lounge down in SLC. It was super-fun. I got to meet some of Chad's co-workers like Candy and Amber, who I've met several times before, but we were both pretty tipsty.

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John & Me
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John had A LOT to drink. It was a good thing I was driving.

Candy, Amber, & Chad
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John Passed Out
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On the way home, John passed out mid-sentence before we even left downtown. Conveniently, he woke up just as we pulled into his apartment complex. He's such a good drunk.

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