Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Screw peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Buy me some beer!

Oggie the Raptor
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Yesterday was opening night for the Raptors, the AA team up in Ogden. John, Ryan, and I went. There was no premeditated intentions of getting drunk, but it just kinda happened. More on that later.
It was a gorgeous evening that began with Oggie, their mascot, emerging from a helicopter.

Lindquist Field
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The Raptors play in downtown Ogden at Lindquist Field, which was voted the most scenic field in all of minor league baseball. You can see why.

Ogden Raptors vs Orem Owls
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The whole stadium was more crowded than I've ever seen a Bees game. Of course, there are fewer seats, too. Regardless, everyone was excited for the first game of the season.

Lindquist Field at Dusk
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Ogden played the Orem Owls. Orem is a town just south of Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, the Raptors lost, 7-5.

John, Ryan, & Me
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I'm not sure when things went from casual drinking to all-out drunk, but it definitely snuck up on me. Probably because I had an empty stomach. Or possibly because I'd only had three hours of sleep the night before. We're so lucky to have Ryan as a designated driver.

Me & Shellie
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We met a nice young lady sitting next to us named Shellie. She's a local teacher and a super-fun girl. We took turns watching each other's beer during bathroom breaks.

Random People
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When I'm drunk, I like to take really random photos. These are the people who happened to be sitting behind us. I think.

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They even had fireworks after the game.

Ryan & John
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John made me promise to stop posting photos of him that are less than flattering.

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This is to make things a little more even. Feel better, John?

Sober Ryan
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The amount of beer I've had is directly proportionate to the amount of crazy pictures I take. Case in point:

Drunk John
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Exhibit B:

Drunk Me
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And, just to make things even:

Ryan & John
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It was a great night. I really took advantage of not having to work today. After the game, we went and had pizza at The Pie, which is not normal for me because I rarely eat at night or when I've been drinking. I think it caused me to have some seriously whacked-out dreams. Maybe I'll perform an experiment of eating strange things before bed just to see what I dream about. That would be something.


Jean-Marie said...

If I had a stadium like that, would I be there? Oh yeah! Not to mention how much cheaper the seats are than our fancy shmancy stadium. Gotta love a good game in the summertime. I have yet to go which makes YOU the last person I went with. I know, bad grammar:) I agree with the beer part, but come on, who doesn't love the thrill of finding out what's in that lil Cracker Jack prize?

gfmtgirl said...

Since you love beer, you'd love a game in Great Falls. We have a "beer batter" and any time he's up to bat during the game and gets a hit, it's $1 beer for the next 10 minutes. I've never seen old men run so fast in my life.

Mike said...

I wish we had a minor league team here. But the new Busch stadium is pretty kick ass though. But it doesn't have the same feel as double or triple A ball.

shelley said...

Too bad we missed the fireworks. Hope to see y'all at future games!