Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

In preparation for our deployment in September, my squadron is going through tons of readiness and wartime training. We spent today at the exercise play area on base in preparation for an exercise next week (which, consequentially, is preparation for the deployement). I sometimes think I'm totally in the wrong line of work. I hate all these stupid wargames. They seem so over-the-top, and the chances of us ever using this training in a real-world situation are slim to none. If it ever comes down to a civil engineer in the Air Force having to pick up a gun and fight, then we're in some serious trouble.
But you know what's funny? As much as I hate it all, I'm really good at it. I executed the low crawl with finesse. I was extremely thorough in searching a potential tresspasser and avoiding a security breach. And when it comes to taking apart and reassembling the M-16 rifle, I'm Forrest Fucking Gump.
I guess that's one of life's little jokes. It's a shame there's not a job in the Air Force for shopping.

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Mike said...

I think it's worse if a Comm troop has to lock and load. When I was in Tech school, one of our sayings was, "No Comm, no Bomb." I had to rethink that when an ammo troop said, "One bomb, no Comm."