Friday, June 02, 2006

Like a Reply

At the Madonna show the other night, I sent out the following text message to several friends:
"I am in the presence of Madonna. I think I'm going to faint. Seriously."

These are the replies I received:
1) Get some!!!
2) Oh man- dont freak out!:) where r u?
3) That is beautiful
4) That was so freaky'i so was just about to text you. Was wondering whats up with you. You at her concert?
5) You lucky son of a bitch
6) I'm jealous
7) Flippin sweet man. Give her a kiss from me.
8) I'm a lot bit jealous!
9) Is she amazin?
10) Wait till she crucifies herself
11) I'm so damn happy for you! Or i'm hard core drunk!...not sure! Ha ha
12) That is great! Will she revive you if you do? It would be worth it for that.
13) Hey... Was being at the concert like being a virgin being touched for the very first time? Hardy har har har. I thought of that one in the shower. I'm sure someone else already texted you that

Thanks to Sarah for that last one. I laughed way hard. And then laughed again.

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Jean-Marie said...

I like 12 the best:)