Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Last Song

Sleater-Kinney announced on their website this morning that, after eleven years and seven albums, they will be going on indefinite hiatus. S-K are one of my favourite bands of all time, and it's sad to see them split up. They're one of the most distinguished bands to spring from the riot grrl movement of the northwest, with strange and wonderous punk songs that don't deny their pop sensibilities. Carrie's guitar, Corin's voice, and Janet's drumming came together in such a perfect way. Their music is passionate, complex, fiery, political, and intense. They've definitely got "words and guitar."
I first bought "Dig Me Out" in May of 1997, and listened to it non-stop the first time I drove from Kentucky to Vegas, and it was an essential the rest of the summer (and probably for the rest of my life). My girlfriend would tease me and refer to them as "Sleater-Shmater," but I didn't care. It's not often that I fall in love with a band, but I'm head over heels for S-K. One of my fondest memories is when my friend Jim and I drove from Vegas to Los Angeles in July of '99 to see them at a festival. It was hot and sunny, but I was down front in the middle of the crowd dancing and singing along to every song.
"This Momma works till her back is sore; but the baby's fed, and the tunes are pure." Indeed.
Goodbye, Sleater-Kinney. I'll miss you.

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