Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bon Voyage

Nate & Sarah
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Last night, I went over to Josh and Sarah's new place, which was super cool, for dinner with Nate and Thaddeus. Nate is moving to Japan on Monday. Natsuko, Jake, and Tatsu are already over there.

Caleb & Thaddeus
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Thaddeus and Ashley have been living in Minnesota since August, where Thaddeus goes to law school. This is the first time he's been back, and it was great to see him again. He's leaving to go back to Minnesota today.

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As you can see, Tanya was pretty upset about seeing them leave.

I so appreciate the entire Wendt clan. They really helped me out when I first came to Utah, and made sure to invite me to their house and hang out and stuff. And they're all so much fun.
Good luck, Thaddeus and Nate! We'll be seeing you around.

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Abby said...

Ah, everyone looks so sad!! Wow, Caleb's hair's gotten long!!