Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Please, mind the gap."

Steve, Connor, Nick, & Me
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You know what they like to do in England? Drink! And I did my best to fit in with the British all weekend long.
I flew up late Wednesday night. Steve picked me up, but he had to work Thursday, so I just mellowed out. Thursday night, a group of us went to Cambridge to hit some pubs and check out the scene.

Drunk Food
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I'm not sure how many pubs we hit up, but it was a lot. The other guys had to work on Friday, but we still managed to stay out pretty late. On the way back to the car, we stopped for food. I'm not normally a drunk eater, but I had one of the best veggie burgers of my life there.

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We got lost on the way to the car park, walking down alleyways and over bridges; and for some reason, Steve thought he was Spider-Man.

Nick & Me
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The ride home was interesting, to say the least, but you'll have to ask Steve about the details.

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Friday, Steve and I took the tube into London. Our hotel was right on Trafalgar Square, in the heart of Westminster. I wasn't really into seeing all the historical sights; however, we were only a couple blocks from Big Ben...

Westminster Abby
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...and Westminster Abby. We spent Friday afternoon walking around, dipping into pubs, eating, and watching World Cup matches.

James, Eddy, & Me
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Friday night, we met up with Eddy and James, and went out dancing. It was really crowded, and we all ended up getting separated.

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I left the club and found myself roaming the streets of Soho, so I decided to take pictures of myself in front of famous landmarks.

Steve & Me
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I randomly ran into Steve, so we continued roaming the streets, talking, eating, and people-watching. Then we noticed the sun starting to come up, so we took a rikisha back to our hotel.

London Pride
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Steve and I woke up late Saturday and started walking around the city again. After the best breakfast of my entire life, we headed to Oxford Street for some shopping. Coincidentally, it was Gay Pride weekend in London, and the parade was going on.

Oxford Street
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The parade went on for miles, and there were so many people that came from all over. It was like a huge city-wide party filled with people drinking, dancing, and enjoying life.

James, ?, & Eddy
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Saturday night was more pubs and clubs, only this time we were joined by Brian and Damien. I got kinda lost and ended up across the Thames where I stopped in random pubs and talked to locals.
Sunday, Brian, Steve, and I went to Camden for some shopping before heading back to Brian's place in Cambridge.

Steve & Andrew
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My flight left early Monday morning, so we decided to crash at Brian's place, which is near several pubs. We were joined by Andrew, and ended up staying up all night, drinking and laughing. And somehow, somebody convinced me to do Tequila shots. The person next to me on the plane was probably thinking, "Who is this guy, and why does he smell like a bar bathroom floor?"

It was an amazing weekend, and even though I only saw a small part of London, I really fell in love with it. I really can't thank Steve enough for taking me around and showing me a great time. I'll definitely be planning more trips up to the UK in the future.

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