Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mixing It Up

Something I really missed in the desert was being able to cook for myself. True, cooking for one isn't easy, but I have guests over so often, it's usually not an issue, especially when I make something I can take to work the rest of the week. But I digress.
Even though there was plenty of variety, the food at the chow hall started to taste the same, day after day. And I found myself surfing recipe sites with the fervour of a 13-year-old surfing porn. My mouth would water at the thought of such simplicities as hummus or chips and salsa. And let's not even get into the depraved things I would have done for a slice of cheesecake.
As I was looking at recipes, I noticed a lot of them called for mixing ingredients in a food processor. I remember in the 80s when food processors were the kitchen accessory of choice, but we never had one at home, and I figured it was just a luxury I could always do without. But for some reason, I found myself browsing food processors on Amazon, natch. I ended up ordering one before I even left so it was waiting in my mailbox when I got back to Italy.
So far, I've been using it for various slicing and chopping, plus making small things like the hummus and salsa I mentioned earlier. But I can't even explain how amazing that hummus and salsa was. I'm one of those cooks that likes to randomly throw things into the pot, hoping for something wonderful to appear, and I'm usually pretty lucky. The red pepper I added to the hummus was particularly delightful. I'm sure this food processor will become more and more useful as I venture out into the cooking world.

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