Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unexpected Delights

I didn't really have much going on this weekend. The weather has been amazing, and I spent most of yesterday sitting on my balcony with a glass of sweet tea and a book. It was wonderful.
Last night, I had planned on relaxing and watching a movie or something, but Mike called and asked if I was down for dinner with him and Bobbi, so I decided to go. We went to a new place up the street from my house. It used to be a bar, but it closed before I left for the desert. While I was gone, it re-opened as Come na Volta (which literally translates to "like the time", but is an Italian expression for nostalgia). They didn't have a menu and when we sat down, the waiter recited everything they had available. I ordered the tagliatelle al pesto, which was amazing. On our way out, we talked to the manager, who was super cool, and I think it's a place I'll be going to again and again, especially since it's within walking distance of my house.
After dinner, we went bar-hopping in Sacile, which is fast becoming one of my favourite towns around. I met some cool people and laughed hysterically. These are the night I'm glad I didn't stay home.

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