Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Last Supper

Piazza di Sacile
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To celebrate my last day off work, Cheyenne, Chelsey, and Mike took me out to dinner last night at Cellini's, a great restaurant in Sacile with outdoor seating that overlooks the canals. As we were finishing our meal, it began storming, which was great because our tables were covered and it really cooled things off quite a bit.

Chiesa di Sacile
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It was a quick, violent storm, and after the rain stopped, the sun was setting and the light was reflecting off the clouds, giving the whole piazza a crazy orange glow. It was kinda surreal and absolutely beautiful.

Chelsey, Mike, & Cheyenne
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I'm so lucky to have friends that are always down for impromptu adventures (read: photo shoots). Man, is it ever good to be home.

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