Sunday, February 01, 2009


Last week, Shaun asked if I'd be interested in helping him out with a certain volunteer opportunity. It sounded like fun, so last night, I was a chaperone for the Aviano High School Winter Formal.
I was interested to see how much dances had changed since I was in high school. Not very much. There were still the various cliques--jocks, nerds, shoe-gazers, freaks, and ghetto-fabulous booty shakers. When the DJ would play a good song, the girls would run to the dance floor, followed reluctantly by the guys. They all seemed like good kids, and we didn't have any incidents at all.
Nearly everyone in Shaun's circle of friends was a chaperone, and since the high school here isn't very big, there were almost as many chaperones as students. We were encouraged to have a good time and dance and stuff, just as long as we made sure nothing too explicit was happening.
The dance ended at 11, and we were showing our age by frequently looking at our watches by 10. Still, it was a good time, and I'll rarely miss an opportunity to get on the floor and shake it. Even if most of the people there are half my age.

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Paul Dinkins said...

this is don and paul, hanging at my (paul) house. we were just talking about how lars and the real girl is a great movie, have you seen it? we both liked slumdog millionaire, particularly the bollywood dance scene at the end. don got us in for free - his last free movie because his taxi job doesn't give him the freedom to work the tivoli. he almost made it four years.
don has lots of interesting stories as you can imagine. he had a bulgarian passenger the other day who djs and told him the concorde needles are the best and digitracks are the devil's work so keep that in mind the next time you dj.
well peace out, we miss you dearly. jack has recently inherited one of your shirts.