Friday, February 27, 2009

A Second Second Chance

In my hot little hand, I have a very coveted document, which, this July, will allow me admittance to a second helping of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour. Yes, it seems fortune has smiled upon me, and Ms. Ciccone has added another date to this summer's European tour. This one is in Udine, which is virtually right down the road.
I found out earlier this week she added the Udine date, and tickets went on sale at 9 this morning. I got to the biglietteria fifteen minutes early, and it's a good thing, because by the time the little man opened his window, it was packed.
I decided beforehand I didn't want to go unless I could get a general admission ticket because I don't want to sit in the stands. I want to be down where the action is so I can jump and dance and, hopefully, get sweated on. It was a little nerve racking because I kept hearing him tell other people that the prato (ground) seats were sold out. But somehow, by the time I got to the front of the line, there was one waiting for me.
Now the only potential hindrance is the possibility of deploying this summer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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