Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Way Of The Dauber

Corey, Dan, and I all had today off work for various reasons, so last night, we decided to do something new. We went to Bingo Night at the Club on base. It was obvious we'd never been before, because everyone kept staring at us, and the ladies at the table next to ours had to repeat the instructions for each game. We cared less and less as the night went on due to a few pitchers of beer. Plus, both Corey and I won! (Not a whole lot, but enough to cover our entry fee and part of the beer.)

After the last game, we didn't feel like going home, so we went over to the bar to shoot a few games of pool. Despite the fact I grew up with a pool table in my basement, I never fail to amaze myself at how horrible I am.

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D said...

Sick picture of the pool table-well done!