Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Monday

The Super Bowl doesn't come on until midnight here, so the parties don't start until late. I napped all afternoon yesterday to help myself stay awake last night, and I think it worked pretty well.
Corey volunteered to host the party, and I showed up around 10. I brought a peanut butter cheesecake convered with a chocolate ganache. It was requested by Joann, and part of my job as the friend of the pregnant girl is to keep her cravings satisfied. There were plenty of snacks to keep our blood sugar up, thereby preventing anyone from dozing off too early.
The game itself was interesting enough. By the third quarter, I could tell everyone at the party just wanted it to end, but things got surprisingly exciting during the fourth quarter. It wasn't a full-on comeback, but we were glad we stayed awake until the end. The only real bummer was that we don't get to see any of the commercials over here.
As a morale booster (and possibly to avoid potential DUIs), it's customary to have late reporting on Monday. We don't have to be at work until noon, something of which I'm taking full advantage.

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