Friday, April 20, 2007

The Whites of Their Eyes

Jazz vs. Rockets
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Have you ever sat so close at an NBA game that you had to look up to see the rim? Thanks to Ryan, I got to last night. It was amazing.
The Jazz played the Houston Rockets in what was the last game of the regular season. (Both teams will play each other again on Friday in Houston for the first round of the play-offs.) Utah had a rough go in the first quarter, down by as much as 14. But, as usual, they came back and took the lead just before half-time, and kept it for the rest of the game. The final score was 101-91.

Yao Ming
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One of the cool things about this game was getting to see Yao Ming in person. It's one thing for an NBA player to be taller than a normal person, but when he towers over the other players, that's saying something. He's hard to make out in this picture because he's standing toward the back, but trust me--he's REALLY tall. Unfortunately, he didn't play at all last night, most likely to rest up for Friday's game.

Jeremy & Me
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Ryan had to leave at half-time to pick John up from the airport, but luckily, I ran into some people from my squadron who passed the extra ticket off to each other during the second half.

After the game, they somehow persuaded me to join them for a few drinks and a game of pool at Port O' Call. We were all at different levels of sobriety, with Nicole and I being the most sober since we were both driving. But I should note that those Readiness folks know how to party. It was a nice social time, despite my lack of pool skills, and I'm glad I joined them.

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