Sunday, April 08, 2007

Busy Bee

Josh & Drew
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I love projects. I love helping people out with moving, yard work, home improvements, and the like. Today was a double whammy. This morning, I helped Drew sod his lawn. I'd never laid sod before, but it went pretty quickly, and looked great after we were done in the mid-afternoon.

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After leaving Drew's house, I immediately went to help Paul move into his new place. He's moving into the same house in which John and Kyle live. Tall Nick is going to take the other apartment, which means I'll have four good friends living in the same house. How cool is that?
After moving Paul in, we all went to dinner, then to John's place for a few drinks. But I was so exhausted from my work day, I came home. I didn't go out or do any major drinking this weekend, but I feel it's the most productive I've been outside of work in a long time.

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