Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sunshine State

I leave Saturday for Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida for a week. It sounds like it would be a nice break from the freakish weather we've had lately (68 yesterday, snow today!), but it's going to be more of an inconvenience than anything. I'm going to be participating in a military exercise called "Silver Flag," which is basically training people in my squadron how to perform contingency (wartime) operations. It's not like I didn't just get back from four months in Iraq or anything. Regardless, this is required of CE troops every two years, but I've somehow managed to avoid it for my entire ten-year career. Maybe that's why I'm dreading it so much. But people I talk to that have been before say it's not too bad, and might even be kinda fun. I sure hope so.

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Mike C said...

Ya can always do worse... and it's least it's (just) for a week...