Monday, April 16, 2007

Drink. Drank. Drunk

Sarah & Me
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If you're looking for a visual representation of how drunk I got last night, then this is it. Yes, I'm wearing a bikini top over my shirt. Even sadder is that it went downhill from there.
Chase threw himself a birthday party at his house last night, and I went with the intention of having a drink or two. But somewhere along in the evening, I lost control of the mechanism that tells me I've had enough.

Originally uploaded by currtdawg.
The evening is a blur, but I'm sure there was drunken texting and drink-n-dialing. It all culminated in me doing my Linda Blair impression in Chase's shrubbery. I should have known better early on when Chase and I did a Jager shot and it didn't sit too well. But I just kept on going. I haven't had an evening like this since Cinco de Mayo (also mentioned here). And I hope not to have any more ever again.

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