Thursday, December 31, 2009

Breath of Fresh Air

It's a little weird looking back on this year, as not really much has changed. I basically spent the past 12 months just living life. There were a few significant events (making Tech, parental visit, trips around Europe, concerts), but it all pales in comparison to the events of 21-22 August.
Seeing that little baby open his eyes for the first time, so precious and frail, was a life-changing experience. Maybe the sequence of events in my life won't change that much, but my perspective and attitude toward them definitely will. I've always considered myself a rather compassionate person, and I like to think I have a positive outlook. But after helping Brayden come into the world, I feel so much more in touch with life. Its ups and downs. Its constant state of flux. Its unpredictability. And through it all, how God just wants me to be happy.

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